Meet the Artist


Here I am!

I wake up every day looking forward to grabbing a paintbrush and getting some paint under my fingernails! I become an explorer, a traveller, a learner and a painter who is determined to enjoy every challenge, and investigate every spark of inspiration I am lucky to have come my way. My inspiration materializes in some of the most mundane and also extraordinary ways; the noise of the city, the sun shimmering on the ocean, a gripping story on the radio, a breathtaking museum visit, the gritty, graphic shadows on the urban streets . All these things find a way into the marks and colors of my painting, reflecting the intriguing, exciting world we live in today. I use an ever expanding range of mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor and my love of textures includes the application of many different plasters and natural stone materials.



I studied education and textile design at college and I ventured into fashion and textiles, selling my designs in top fashion stores in the UK and USA.  I have contributed to several books on fashion and textiles as well as being featured in leading UK fashion magazines. I have taught in state schools as well as textile design courses at the Royal College of Art in London and Nottingham College of Art. For several years I was publisher of 'The Artists and Illustrators Magazine'. I was keen to enrich my skills and knowledge in art so I returned to University, gaining a Master's Degree in Art Education and shortly after moved to the US where I now live - in New York City and Miami Beach. With this new lifestyle came the opportunity and the time to develop my love of creative expression through painting. City and beach life motivate me every single day.